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GVK - Common Union Catalogue - the collections of the major libraries of seven German states - Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen; also, the Staatsbibliothek Berlin (Berlin National Library)

OLC - Online Contents  - database providing title research among more than 15 mio. journal articles from 1993 onwards

GVK-PLUS - Common Union Catalogue (books and periodicals) and Online Contents database (journal articles) in one database - 32 mio. titles from more than 400 libraries in the GBV network, journal articles from more than 16,800 periodicals

Overview of GBV online databases,  GBV starting page.

Items not available in Braunschweig can be ordered electronically by using the databases of the GBV network. To do this, a library card and an inter-library loan account are required.

How does it all work?

1) You must pay a minimum of EUR 1,50 at the circulation desk (counter 1); this is the fee required for one inter-library loan order. Orders for materials held in Germany or abroad are subject to fees on the basis of the Gebührenordnung für die Bibliotheken des Landes Niedersachsen, Nds. GVBl. No. 4/1996, pp. 45f.

Upon payment, you are automatically given an inter-library loan account and can use it to place orders. With each order you place, the balance of your account is reduced accordingly. For instance, paying EUR 7.50 into your account gives you 5 inter-library loan units, one of which is debited from your account with each order.

If you need an invoice (EUR 10.- min.), please contact the accounting office of the library (via phone 391-5018 or the information desk).

There may be costs additional to those for placing the order, especially if more than 20 pages need to be photocopied. (ca. EUR 0.15 per page). In some special cases you may have to cover costs for postage and/or insurance. We assume that reader will cover additional expenses up to the amount of EUR 8.00. If this is not the case, please state how much you want to pay in the text field Bemerkungen of the online order form.

2) Go to the GBV database site to search for articles, journals and books. Then activate the order with your user ID and password.

Before you order a book or a periodical online, please make sure that the title is not available at Braunschweig. To do so, you must refer to the Braunschweig Catalogue.

Search hints:

GBV Databases start page

Books as well as journal articles can be found in the GVK-PLUS database - Common Union Catalogue with Online Contents (OLC).

GVK-PLUS contains more than 40 mio. records from more than 450 libraries in the GBV network, plus Berlin National Library. This number includes journal articles from ca. 20,000 periodicals. From 1993 onwards, the database provides the tables of contents of numerous periodicals with a focus on science and technology. Search options include author and title search.

If you cannot find the article you want, restrict your search to the journal title and add bibliographical information for the specific article later on (see below). The GBV Common Union Catalogue contains records for books and journal titles.

Placing your order:

When you have found the article, journal title or book you want, you can click on the "availability" link for a list of libraries holding a copy. There is still a number of double records in the union catalogue; for your order, you should choose titles held by university libraries wherever possible.

To order the title, click on the link 'Copy Request' (for articles) or 'Loan Request' (for books and journals). You will then be asked to enter your user ID and password. The data for your request are automatically transferred into a form.

If you don't want to borrow a book but only need a photocopy of an article of a few pages, please select 'Copy Request' and enter the relevant data for your order.

If you have only researched journal titles, you have to add data for the respective article (volume number, year, author, title, page numbers etc.).

You also have to enter your mail address (no Umlaut letters; use 'ae', 'oe' and 'ue' instead!), your e-mail address (if applicable) and your password once more. When you have done this, you can send off your order with a mouseclick. Your account balance will be reduced by one unit, and your order is immediately forwarded to one of the holding libraries. Please take a note of the order number in case of any problems.

By clicking on the button marked 'Inter-library loan account', you can keep track of the status of your order in all GBV databases.

If you try to order a title in stock at Braunschweig University Library, you will receive the note Requested document is in your own library! In this case, please check the shelf mark in our OPAC.
If there are no holding libraries, or if you cannot find a title in the GVK-PLUS database, please fill in - for the time being - a conventional red inter-library loan form or contact the inter-library loan department.

Collecting books and articles ordered through the inter-library loan service:

Under the heading 'Loans' in your reader account (click on 'Borrower Info' in the OPAC), you will find a note as soon as your order has arrived, regardless of whether you have ordered online or by inter-library loan form. You will also be notified by mail.

In case of any questions or difficulties, please contact the inter-library loan department (Phone: 391-5016, e-mail: fernleihe@tu-bs.de).



Subito is designed to provide article copies by sending them directly to reader's home or office addresses.

The document delivery service includes the possibility to do online researches as well as placing orders and direct delivery of research literature to your desk.

Depending on which way you prefer, copies are sent electronically (by e-mail), conventional mail or fax within a guaranteed processing period.

For more information on these services (for which a fee is required), see Subito

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