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Reader registration

The library is open to members of Braunschweig University and the general public. When you have registered, you can collect your library card at the circulations desk. Having registered means that users have accepted the terms of membership. When collecting your library card, please have ready:

  • identity card or
  • Valid passport and certificate of residence

  • AND
  • Students: valid student ID
  • Staff Members: valid work certificate

Library cards are generally valid for one year and can be extended by applying to the circulations desk in person. Remember that you have to show the relevant documents (see above).

    Online registration


Library cards are generally valid for one year. Membership can be extended by presenting the registration documents to the circulation desk in person.

Address modification

Please report any changing of your address to the circulation desk as soon as possible.

Loss of library card

In your own interest, please report any loss of your library card to the circulation desk as soon as possible. On request, a new library card can be issued (fee: EUR 5,00).


Circulation desk

Universitätsbibliothek Braunschweig
- Leihstelle -
Universitätsplatz 1
38106 Braunschweig

Phone: 0531/391-5017
Fax: 0531/391-5002
E-mail: ub-leihstelle@tu-bs.de

Opening hours


Loan periods

Loan periods are:

1. textbook collection 28 days
2. stack orders and reading rooms
normal term loan
short term loan
21 days
14 days
3. inter-library loan terms from other libraries (when no other terms are set) 1 month
4. reference collection till the next opening day (Mon-Fri) 10 a.m.


Loan terms can be renewed when nobody has reserved the borrowed books.



Unless the books you have borrowed have been reserved by somebody else, you can renew them up to five times

  • through the catalogue (Borrower Info)
  • by fax (0531-391-5002)
  • by mail to:
    Universitätsbibliothek Braunschweig
    - Leihstelle -
    Universitätsplatz 1
    38106 Braunschweig
We do not accept:
  • renewals by telephone
  • renewals of inter-library loan orders

If you have any problems, please contact the circulation desk.


Books on loan can be reserved through the catalogue. Reserved titles are held for you at the circulation desk for five working days. At the same time, a notice is placed in your Borrower Account (heading: Loans).

For all reservations, a fee is required (postage)! Students of Braunschweig University can cancel the notification by e-mail. To do so, please contact the circulation desk.



Books can be returned at the circulation desk during its opening times. If the circulation desk is closed, books can be returned at the information desk. Returning books by mailing them to the circulation desk is at your own risk! For mail returns, the date of arrival at the circulation desk is relevant.



You will find information on any fees you have to pay in your reader account. Access is through the online catalogue; click on Borrower Info. Please pay fees immediately between Monday and Friday at the circulation desk; otherwise, your library card may be blocked!

One-Time Fees  
Library Admission 5,00
Exclusion from the Library due to Abuse 7,50 ... 25,00
Loan Fees (per item  
Local Loan 0,00
Inter-Library Loan 1,50
Reminder Fees (per item  
First Reminder 2,00
Second Reminder 5,00
Third Reminder 10,00
Lost or Destroyed Library Property (per item)  
Replacement Fee 5,00
Processing Fee 15,00
Damages Evaluation Fee 7,50 ... 50,00
Replacement Fees for Other Items (per item)  
Companion Media for Books 2,50
Library Card 5,00
Locker Key 10,00
Manuscripts and Special Collections  
Permission to Copy 7,50 ... 50,00
Permission for Commercial Use 50,00 ... 1,000,00

Inter-library loan account

For inter-library loan orders, you can open an inter-library loan account (and pay money into it) between Monday and Friday at the circulation desk.



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